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Recycled Industrial Plastic Scrap Material

Welcome to MJS Plastics, Inc.

MJS Plastics, Inc. is a full service post industrial plastic recycling company. We are located in Greenville, Ohio and serve a wide range of industries throughout the Midwest and Southeast.

Partner with MJS to manage plastic waste and reduce environmental impact, simplify your recycling process, and enjoy a hassle-free relationship from a reliable company you can trust.

Why choose MJS?

Custom Processing

MJS specializes in buying, processing and selling quality post industrial plastic material. We have multiple state-of-the-art shredding and grinding lines in house. Our processing capabilities enable us to handle and recycle plastic scrap in a wide range of forms such as parts, runners, purge, regrinds, films, resin, totes, pallets, dunnage, etc.

We provide fast, responsive service and aim to meet our customer’s growing demands as their businesses increase in scale and complexity. From small to large, simple to complex, we can handle short-term needs or create long-term sustainable programs to manage your plastic waste stream.

We also offer custom toll processing programs to process your plastic scrap and return it in a form that can be reused in your manufacturing process. We have the flexibility to process part or all of your scrap material as well as purchase additional material that is unfit for reuse.

Additionally, we provide corresponding services, such as densification and pelletizing, through deep rooted partnership with companies whose core values align with our own.


For over a decade, we have built a network of loyal companies who consistently choose us for their recycling needs. We have demonstrated a proven track record of reliable performance and have long-standing financial viability and credit worthiness. You can rest assured that for each and every shipment we receive, you will be compensated in a fair and timely manner.


We have the flexibility to build custom programs to accommodate the individual needs of our clients. Our strength is our ability to act as a strong, silent partner working behind the scenes to provide seamless, hassle-free services. It is our goal to simplify your recycling process so you can focus on what you do best.

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